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Discussion on: Don't be afraid to make mistakes

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There is no wrong way if the end result is still the same.

From the learning perspective, that might be true, but otherwise it's a huge oversimplification. The "result", in the real world, isn't just the output of a program, but also the time it takes, the maintainability of the code, and the role it plays in a bigger context.

All developers, whether they started a week ago or have been coding for 20 years, should always be looking out for ways to improve the quality of their code, be that by learning from others, coming up with something new or whatever works.

If we want to be better developers, we have to become vulnerable and embrace our mistakes.

In my experience, most successful developers are this way (and probably have been for a long time). You can insist you're right about politics, philosophy, cooking, etc. but code execution time and numeric results don't lie.

At this age, or even older, a person can feel extremely vulnerable to admit that they don't know, or understand something.

Setting aside programming, that's a very self-destructive attitude to have. Nobody knows everything, and the human habit of acting like we do is very irrational and counterproductive. Sometimes we expect to be wiser because we're older, so we can easily get irritated when it turns out someone much younger knows more on a certain topic, but I think that's just because our monkey minds can't differentiate well between being generally more knowledgeable and knowing more in every single field. "Kids these days", am I right? xD