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Hi Franck,

very happy to hear you like Maison Futari!

As for the features, some things like the following are missing compared to Magento for a big project (for mine it was more than enough):

  • Multiple country restriction on a custom shipping configuration. Currently we can only filter one country per shipping type.
  • The ability to mix two types of discount, for example, having a discount code + applaying the discount only above a certain amount. In possibility to add multiple conditions.
  • Admin multilang
  • Invoice multilang (currently on the invoice, the country is written with the ISO code and not in english nor in a language configurable)
  • Click and collect system

These are just some things that came to my mind but, globally they only all apply together for big e-commerce projects.

The click-and-collect and multiple country per shipping type would be great though.

Thanks again for you product, I love it and was very handy for my project.

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