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re: Great article. I'm doing exactly the same researches here and pending more towards Snipcart I love theirs idea and the API looks simple to use... ...

I'm pretty glad with Snipcart at this point, it was easy to setup and the features filled my needs for now.

For the front-end I'm only using Vue and that's it. Custom CSS, no library. You can check out the live result here

I chose Snipcart because I really wanted to do a custom front-end without having to edit a theme (so Woocomerce & co weren't good for me). I also wanted to use Vue without having to implement it into some backend.

Ultimately, I just used Vue (+ spa-prerender-plugin for SEO) & Snipcart and hosted it for free on Firebase hosting, as it's only front-end code (so static files).

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