How / What to choose for your next e-commerce web project

darkylmnx on September 13, 2018

I consider myself as a typical web developer. What do I mean by typical? Well, for me, web development started with HTML in 1991, continued with... [Read Full]
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Disclaimer - I'm an engineer at Moltin

I'm not touting here, but you may not be aware of our product which offers a lot of the above: - we're very much focused on the headless aspect of the commerce experience so may be a viable option for many of these use cases as well...


Hey Andrew, yeah thanks it looks cool, can it drop in existing project? Like Snipcart, Shopify button or Stripe checkout ?

Nice website btw, it reminds me Stripe haha.


Ha, yeah I see what you mean. We've got a few different use cases and it's bendable enough to drop in another project (which several customers do - ie we're not rip and replace from the ground up).

The main advantage is the fact we're an API, so the frontend implementation is customisable to your own requirements - if you're wanting something along those lines, the JS SDK is a good option but you can use any language you like. We have some starter resources as well to get a handle on it (OSS is here - ) and some time in the docs is well spent -



I think you can give Sylius a try .
It's based on Symfony.
I'd like to see a comparison between Sylius and Magento. I was a Magento 1.9 developer myself, but haven't tried Sylius.
Sorry for the bad English.


I've not done so many e-commerce with custom backend so I didn't know about Sylius, it looks nice! I'm more a Laravel guy though haha


Great article.
I'm doing exactly the same researches here and pending more towards Snipcart I love theirs idea and the API looks simple to use...
How's your experience so far? Are you using any firmware to develop your Vue frontend??
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one... Hahaha
I can't really decide what to choose! Ahahahha


I'm pretty glad with Snipcart at this point, it was easy to setup and the features filled my needs for now.

For the front-end I'm only using Vue and that's it. Custom CSS, no library. You can check out the live result here

I chose Snipcart because I really wanted to do a custom front-end without having to edit a theme (so Woocomerce & co weren't good for me). I also wanted to use Vue without having to implement it into some backend.

Ultimately, I just used Vue (+ spa-prerender-plugin for SEO) & Snipcart and hosted it for free on Firebase hosting, as it's only front-end code (so static files).


Over the last few years, there has been a tremendous change in the eCommerce trends and practices and the changes are still going on. Right from the increased use of mobile device for shopping to the use of augmented reality, eCommerce has undergone a series of changes.
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Hi Andrea,

Nice post and a good collection of eCommerce projects are cited above. May I also suggest adding opensource Laravel eCommerce framework; Bagisto. The framework built on Laravel can be easily customised and offers multi-warehouse inventory as its core feature.

You can know more about Bagisto here:


Nice write-up, and thanks heaps once again for picking Snipcart. 🙇

Would love to know which advanced features you think we should consider?

Love the Maison Futari site BTW, sharing this on a few Slacks I'm in right now!


Hi Franck,

very happy to hear you like Maison Futari!

As for the features, some things like the following are missing compared to Magento for a big project (for mine it was more than enough):

  • Multiple country restriction on a custom shipping configuration. Currently we can only filter one country per shipping type.
  • The ability to mix two types of discount, for example, having a discount code + applaying the discount only above a certain amount. In possibility to add multiple conditions.
  • Admin multilang
  • Invoice multilang (currently on the invoice, the country is written with the ISO code and not in english nor in a language configurable)
  • Click and collect system

These are just some things that came to my mind but, globally they only all apply together for big e-commerce projects.

The click-and-collect and multiple country per shipping type would be great though.

Thanks again for you product, I love it and was very handy for my project.


Laravel is one of the most popular PHP based web frameworks in modern times to develop an eCommerce application. With opensource eCommerce package like Bagisto( built using Laravel & Vue.js which has a very intuitive roadmap and easily customisable structure, the framework is sure to watch out for in future.


Nice to know, thanks! How was your experience with Magento?

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