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I keep a daily "captain log" that I update through out the day.

Everything from conversations I have with ppl to details of a project and my personal opinions. It's super helpful to keep your head clear since it's a form of exporting your thoughts. I'm adding to that log on average every half hour.

I can work on multiple projects at once with multiple teams and still have a grasp of what's going on in each project.


This seems like a great idea! Where do you write your thoughts, and do you use any special tools to do it?


I was using Evernote a lot. Nowadays I just use Notion. Anything with a bullet list should do! I have a date bullet and indent under that to write entries for that day. Repeat each day. I usually have a couple dozen bullets per day. Especially on crazy days.


Great idea! I'm going to start implementing this today. Thanks for sharing Darryl.

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