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re: Locomotive Basic (Amstrad CPC 6128) I wanted to learn writing games. Z80 Assember (beginner Level) QuickBASIC (games) Turbo Pascal (Applications, ...

That's a lot of variation. It sounds like you chose languages for developing games. Do you still develop games today and what are using now?


I studied graphics/communication design. But today I'm writing business applications. Frontend and Backend.

I use Java,PHP,Perl,Clojure in the backend
and Javascript,Typescript,Angular,clojurescript on the frontend.

When I have time I'm playing with erlang,prolog and purescript.

Awesome stuff, is ClojureScript a new addition to the stack? What's your favourite feature of Clojure that makes you more productive?

  • The fast feedback because I can easy evaluate my cljs forms in the browser (nodejs) environment. I test my code (functions) while I am developing.

figwheel and shadow-cljs are very great!

I think the immutable nature of clojure's datatypes is one point why this works.

  • the good interoperability with the javascript language

  • the simplicity of the language. I'd like e.g. purescript too. But often you fight with the type system and forget to solve the problem first.

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