Discussion on: Vue's Darkest Day

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Daniel Poda 🇨🇦

I think what this new API would possibly do is similar to what happened with Angular (I am a former Angular developer who moved to React after 1.5 to 2.0 debacle).

This API change is much more like what happened to React when they deprecated React.createClass() or introduced hooks. Why are these changes not called a debacle?

I think Vue has been attracting a lot of people new to front-end/js development, that see Vue as the anti-React. They find react hard, has too much boilerplate, and too much facebook, or some mixture of these. So any movement towards anything react-like is met with loud reverberations in their misinformed echo-chambers.

It's not like Vue 2 is not going to be available as soon as Vue 4 is out.