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As a PHP developer I am surprised that you favor Sublime over PHPStorm.


I actually really love PHPStorm. It's cool and it's just completely awesome. However I've found it's debugger very difficult to setup. I haven't been able to make one successful debug, although, most times, I can read through my code and find issues and it's syntax correction saves a lot of time, but I'd really like to see what's it's debugger can do...


I tried PHPStorm, but I prefer more lightweight editors. Plus, I wanted to pay for an editor that I can use for more than just PHP.


I'm 100% editor based, I've tried PHPStorm but it feels just to heavy for me. Even though I do agree PHPStorm is a great editor and I've got it installed and updated for when the need arises.

But 99.9999% of my time I'm using vim, the other .0001% I'm trying new stuff or learning about the progress of the main editors and IDEs.


Yeah, I use Neovim most of the time, but I use PhpStorm when I want to automatically do a large rename refactor. PhpStorm is impressively accurate and fast for renaming something everywhere it us used. It works well whether you are renaming a method, class, or even an entire namespace along with its' directory.

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