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Discussion on: What are some "classic reads" in programming?

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David Ryan

Great question. I did a survey when I first joined Red Hat to find out what my colleagues considered to be the essential reads. Some of these were hard slogs, but these in particular were impactful for me (and them).

A pretty essential history of computing told through the lens of open source, but IMHO superbly summing up some major computing shifts through the eyes of the people and technology at that time.

At the moment I'm having fun with:

And you could do worse than read any of Alan Kay's favourite books, as he summarises here on Quora. Oh and for those that don't know who Alan Kay is, you're in for a treat. Computing is a wonderful topic that, if approached right, unlocks so much other science for consideration. So it's no surprise many of the above are move than just "learn this syntax for programming output".