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re: What makes maintaining documentation difficult? VIEW POST


Short answer: this is why we built Corilla.

Long answer: I lived this pain so much at Red Hat as a technical writer. Solving this first internally and then externally has been a joy. The whole "docs as code" movement is great for devs that work without much collaboration with other teams. But terrible for collaboration. Ditto the "don't use Markdown" rhetoric. I used to believe that too... until I needed to collaborate with support, marketing, UX, PM, etc.

One workflow that makes it easy for people to collaborate. And multiple output possibilities (including direct API access). Documentation in 2018 is so much nicer than the last decade of nonsense we endured (it was hand-coding DocBook XML that broke my sanity in the end... all good startups come from enduring red tape and broken workflows IMHO. Or even average ones like us :P).

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