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Would anyone be interested if I started a video series on

dAVE Inden on April 20, 2019

Cover image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash. Seeing the option to upload a video file to got me thinking about making my own videos. If I were... [Read Full]
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Go for it!

We'll be giving videos more and more love in the near future. For one thing, we recently tossed up this page and everything has been stable and bug free for a while with videos. (Not that there won't be future bugs).

DEV Video is like YouTube with a kinder community and no Google excessive tracking scripts or ads 😄


Awesome! Thanks Ben! That is really exciting to see. I really like the idea of exclusively putting them here on DEV. I don't want to deal with YouTube, honestly, and I much prefer the community here.
How do I make a video post? Do I just upload the video and embed it somehow in a post? Or does it go to make a post after I upload it?


That's awesome! Great job getting started. Nice video!

Can’t wait to see your content 😀 thanks for the kind words


Dumb question, but I can't seem to find how to upload videos. Is it still in Beta?
I have one on animating SVG with GSAP I would like to upload for the community.


Visit /dashboard and it is a button on the left above articles.

We still haven’t elevated it to a prominent area so I’m not surprised it’s hard to find. Sorry about that.

Awesome. I’m glad you found it. I hope you post your video soon!


Do it! I'm thinking about reposting my podcast videos to DEV and I started by recording in my car with a very low quality mic and setup. I'm still not great at public speaking but I'm improving. Your own unique takes on tech will definitely be interesting to watch.


Thanks! Starting out I would use a really simple setup to just get stuff out. I can always add more into them over time. You should totally start adding your video to DEV!


Yep that's always a good plan! And I'll start adding my videos on here for sure.


I really dislike the trend of creating movies instead of writing articles. Articles are so much better. I cannot easily consume, keep track, and revisit movies.

But don't let this stop you from doing what you feel like doing. Unless you directly negatively affect people you should not have to ask for permission to do things you want to to do. And sometimes you simply have to do things people had no interest in. Maybe they didn't know they were interested.

do it


Thanks. This is awesome. I agree that articles are easier to consume than videos. Articles can read almost anywhere while videos require more specific circumstances to watch them. Plus, referring back to an articles is easier.
I think with the content that I want to create video is a better format as it would be more like a journal of my experience and not directly technical. But, if I do create technical stuff it would be good to include materials with the video to make referring back to the video for the examples easier.
Thanks again for your thoughts. I appreciate it!


That sounds great! It’s actually something that would help me a lot as I merely turned 18 and hearing other people’s experiences is very important.

I definitely support your idea!


Thank you! That's exciting that you are just getting started out. I think hearing other people's experiences is a huge part of learning to code that not everyone does.


I totally would after reading some of your content, I think is a good idea!


Thank you so much! That is great to hear. :)

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