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re: Data say you’re wrong. Just search for jobs on Stack Overflow Jobs and you’ll see the amount of back-end openings for Ruby. Also, and GitH...

@jorge Castro

Every job listing site is misleading due to the compartmentalization inherent in using a job site.

Why is working for a small company/startup not valid? The same problems apply and the paycheck clears the bank. Not everyone likes waiting 3 months for SSH access to a non-prod environment (big orgs). As for locationali availability; It's 2019; location is almost the smallest bearer to overcome in terms of employment.

Languages, IDEs, OSes, Job Sites, etc are all tools. Our goal as developers should be singularly focuses on leveraging the correct tools that provide business value.

"the correct tools that provide business value."

Exactly and it is here where Ruby fails and where a tool does the difference. We are giving rounds with the conversation.

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