Set up Wordpress using Ansible and Terraform

David J Eddy on November 08, 2018

Intro In my previous blog I setup a Wordpress site using Terraform and Ansible for load testing. In this blog I share some details about the logic... [Read Full]
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Great post! It's awesome to showcase that these automation tools aren't just for constructing large networks. They can also be applied to smaller projects to make management simpler


Indeed. IaC can get complicated quick. This configuration helps showcase some of the simpler usages. No modules nor dependant services. Just a basic web app install. As noted above I have two more posts tangentially related to this same infrastructure if you are interested.


Sounds like using a 2tone truck to carry a 2kg IKEA mattress.


Not at all. Now I can stand up a WordPress site in minutes with two commands. No more starting instance, manually installing LEMP, configuring Nginx, install WordPress via web installer, etc.

Would it be overkill for a single quick idea? Sure. Has this already saved me hours of time on two other ideas? Yes.

At the end of the day though, it is not a fix-all solution. Just a tool that does a thing.


Sorry, my beef is with WordPress, I don't see its place in the current world.

As for Terraform is a great tool. From what I saw it plays better with Salt rather than Ansible, but I'm no expert in this field.

Ah, gotcha. I went with a CMS that had the largest name recognition. I will check out Salt. I went with Ansible due to it being agent-less. But, more tools for the tool bel is always good.

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