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I use a system I developed around 2008 that has been working ever since: organize all versioned projects under ~/vcs/, and reproduce the trees in real life hierarchically by version control system and service, thus:

  • ~/vcs/git/github/DavidLiedle/polyglot-test
  • ~/vcs/git/gitlab/DavidCanHelp/whatever-private-repo-is-here
  • ~/vcs/hg/bitbucket/DavidLiedle/projects-from-2011-2012 :D
  • ~/vcs/svn/omg/lol/projects-from-waaaay-before
  • etc...

This doesn't track what I'm planning, working on, or putting off for awkwardly large portions of a given decade, so for that I create PivotalTracker boards. I treat every project like a company, and the ones that get 86'd go into an _archive folder within their respective trees. I use DynaList ( ) to keep a birds-eye view of everything, and AirTable to get really granular with larger sets of information I need to correlate to a project. That helps me remember to follow up on CodePens, Glitch's, etc. Not saying I actually do follow up on them... It's not for lack of having them close at hand, though. :)

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