I've built a physics simulated carousel - 100% open source!

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Embla Carousel

What's Embla πŸ€“?

Embla's purpose is to provide a low level carousel and allow developers to extend it by using its available methods. Extend it with some very basic JavaScript and build awesome physics simulated carousels. It's dependency free and 100% open source.

I want to try it πŸ˜ƒ!

I hope that you'll like it 😊 .

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Thank you for the question!
A simple physics simulation is used to animate the carousel. Here's a fraction of the code:


But maybe physics-simulated is more accurate πŸ€”.


Amazing! :)

I loved. Thanks, Γ‡etinkaya :P

I wish to have had to abilities to create WordPress plugins. So, I could create a WP plugin for your work.


Thank you sir πŸ™!

I think the WP community is quite extensive so if people within that community notice this plug-in and like it, someone would gladly create an Embla Carousel WP-plugin 😊.


Thanks a ton sir, I hope you will find it useful πŸ™πŸ»!


Nice job, I'm definitely need using this in my project


Thank you sir, I'm very glad if it's useful for you πŸ™!

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