I've built a physics simulated carousel - 100% open source!

David Cetinkaya on June 05, 2019

What's Embla Carousel? πŸ€“ Embla's purpose is to provide a low level carousel and allow developers to extend it by using its available... [Read Full]
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Thank you for the question!
A simple physics simulation is used to animate the carousel. Here's a fraction of the code:


But maybe physics-simulated is more accurate πŸ€”.


Amazing! :)

I loved. Thanks, Γ‡etinkaya :P

I wish to have had to abilities to create WordPress plugins. So, I could create a WP plugin for your work.


Thank you sir πŸ™!

I think the WP community is quite extensive so if people within that community notice this plug-in and like it, someone would gladly create an Embla Carousel WP-plugin 😊.


Thanks a ton sir, I hope you will find it useful πŸ™πŸ»!


Nice job, I'm definitely need using this in my project


Thank you sir, I'm very glad if it's useful for you πŸ™!

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