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Discussion on: How to create a great presentation

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David Dal Busco

Thank for the share Anja 👍

I am with you specially with 1 ("don't put too much text"). I would even not be surprised, if our editor for slides was designed the way it is because I've got this somewhere in my mind 😜.

To the list we can maybe add GIFs, I guess depending of the audience.

Another tips maybe, is trying to stay "cool" (I know easier to say) if the displayed software or product does not work. Try once, twice, if still doesn't work, go on with the rest of the presentation. Sh*t happens, keeping the presentation flow going on makes easier to switch to next subject as it would have almost not failed. Don't have any metrics about this, just a personal feeling.

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Anja Author

Hi David, yes gifs or something funny could be nice if it is not a customer presentation. 😄 And I agree with staying cool during mistakes, swearing looks unprofessional. ^^