I recorded my first ever video walkthrough, what should I improve?

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This week we have released our biggest update of DeckDeckGo so far and as I almost always do, I documented the outcome in a blog post.

Even if I really like Gifs and screenshots, I thought that documenting the features in form of a YouTube video walkthrough would be maybe a plus and also an interesting experience at the same time for my self.

But I never did that before and I've to say, video is not a channel I use that often to learn or discover applications. That's why I would be really interesting to hear your feedbacks and thoughts about it.

What should I improve?

I already noticed that my keyboard noise is a bit loud, but not sure how to improve that.

My setup is a 2018 Mac, I used my headphones for microphone and Quicktime + iMovie.

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With clear audio and to the point content, you did great.

BTW your keyboard sounds nice :D


I'm really happy to hear that. Audio is so difficult to record, moreover hearing my own voice is not my favorite thing.

Thank you for the feedback!

Haha that keyboard sound is so nice 🤣