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I once worked at a "DevOps" consultancy. I was just hired labor and "staff augmentation". Like most jobs reality rarely matches up with the ideal. Ideally you'd go in and fix problems so the client could deliver value to their customers. The reality is that you just end up mired in internal politics at the client site, internal politics at the consultancy, and the ultimate customers ends up getting less for their money.


A slight digression from the current post but Spotocles looks pretty awesome! When are you planning on launching?


Thanks for the compliment. I'm dreading implementing the AWS integration because I've done it before and their APIs are not pleasant. My plan was to start this weekend on the control and allocation logic.

Hey, at least their documentation is crystal clear :). Would love updates as you make progress. Also, check out Computes. Seems like something you may be interested in and not sure if you've heard of them!

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