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Seeing some of the posts about books brought an idea to mind. I have several technical books sitting around that are either not relevant to me anymore or I've already read them and the only thing left to do is donate them to the local public library.

The idea that came to mind was organizing a book exchange among members. The list of books could be another profile page item and folks willing to exchange books could then send requests and arrange a trade or a donation.

The exchange could also happen through another site if people know of good places where I could do that then please leave a comment. I suspect I'm not the only one that has a shelf full of books that are just collecting dust.

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OT, A book reading club will be good motivation to finish some of the titles in my bookshelf. Something where everyone can chime in with "Here's what I read this week" and people can ask/discuss. With many technical books, I have observed that some discussion can go a long way in helping solidify the concepts.


That's a good idea. What are some book titles you have?

Sharing is Caring.


Too many to list but it's a varied mix of math and programming. I'm never going to read most of them so I'd rather just find them a good home.

Some that are currently sitting on my desk

Those I'm not giving away yet but everything else is of similar nature.


I am confused. Is the book software abstraction available?

I'm still going through it. I meant that as an example of things that are on my bookshelves.


I have several books that I have no idea what to do with. I would love if they could go to someone who would benefit.


What are some book titles you have? I'd like to read if they are similar to my reading list. I could buy you a coffee or pay shipping.

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