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Sorry for being late. You say you want to learn front-end right? Here's a roadmap. For your convenience, I'll write it here plus the resources I used to learn them:

  1. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  2. UI Design - The course is paid but the blog in my opinion is enough
  3. SASS
  4. BEM - This is a CSS architecture. It's entirely optional but I really recommend you read it. It will help in structuring your front-end.
  5. GulpJS
  6. Webpack
  7. ESLint
  8. A Framework - Just choose one. Anything will really do. (If you need help, pick ReactJS - it's got tons of resources for beginners.)
  9. Testing (I recommend Jest
  10. TypeScript - Not really needed but it would improve your JS a lot.
  11. Progressive Web Apps - Read up the resources on the "See Also" section if you are really interested.

That's just a few things you will learn about the front-end. In general, read the documentation first before reading other tutorials. They usually are more in-depth and follow-able in my opinion.

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