re: Are we Developers helping Google to build an unstoppable monopoly? VIEW POST

re: You completely take this discussion in the wrong way man. Even if they did make our life easier that doesn't mean they didn't steal our data. And y...

I might have taken it a bit off the way, but my comment still applies.

Google have been fined multiple times for billions because of GDPR. So I guess their law manipulating didn't work?

If you don't like Google, you don't need to use their services, it's that simple. Move on to Apple or something... Oh wait... They are worse.

Open source projects are awesome, but where we would be without Google's contributions to open source? Think about that.

You mentioned multiple times, but so far I think it only charged Google and Facebook $9.3B when new GDPR laws popped up online and Once Google accused of using GDPR to impose unfair terms but no more.
And I highly doubt that a near to trillion dollar valuation company gives a fuck about that charge. They change their terms according to GDPR ASAP.

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