Freelancing, how to tell my contractor that the existing project needs a refactor?

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Hello freelancers,

The title says it all. I have been contracted to add new features to an existing project. But the source code is a nightmare... Basically, everything is dumped into 3 files (about 10k lines). Since my task is to add new features, so that's what I am focusing on, that's I am getting paid for... What would be a proper way to tell the client that the project needs a huge refactor? The project is only used internally, it's not a public-facing system.

Ohh and the project only runs on Node 4... with outdated dependencies. Hello callback hell...

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Advance the contract work as much as you can, take notes on your findings and expose them to the client upon completion or if you're blocked for something that can be refactored. The most appealing way to present an issue is with a proposed solution


Finish work contracted and afterwards explain what you have found and the advise the code changes and node updates with the advantages of the changes and the disadvantage of keeping it as is

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