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Discussion on: You're not worth hiring unless...

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db325 • Edited on

I love this. I have when I hear,"oh we want someone with x years using this language." That says to me that you're stupid because any dev knows that you can pick up another language. It's the concepts.. The reasons behind doing things a certain way.. Not syntax. And don't ask me to do something you don't do regularly it haven't done in a while just to try and trip me up. Furthermore, no coder codes completely from memory. WE ALL USE GOOGLE! So if I can't solve the problem like I would in the real world, don't ask me. What really gets me is the frameworks. Any developer with a solid understanding of JavaScript should be able to move between angular,Vue,and react. These are all just wrappers that abstract away a lot of common tasks. But again it's the concepts and what's going on in the background... How data is sent, processed, and stored, protocols etc, These things never change