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Ever? Learned Turbo Pascal as a hobby... No classroom, no internet, no tutorials... It was the late 80s. Sometimes the difficulty isn't the language but the reaources


What was Turbo Pascal like as a pure language? Any modern comparisons?


Very similar to C as far as I can remember.


Turbo Pascal was pretty straight forward with functions, loops and conditionals so in that sense it has elements from a lot of modern languages. It was like C but a lot simpler to use.

I used Turbo Pascal in university. I remember implementing Runge-Kutta methods in it for solving diffential equations numerically.

Everything ran on MSDOS so the IDE and debugging experience was nothing compared to today.

The funny thing is that it was created by Anders Hejlsberg, the Danish guy who also designed C# and TypeScript.

That said for its time the IDE for Borland Turbo Pascal (and Turbo C) was pretty good.

I really liked Delphi back in the day. I think its popularity took a tank because of .NET and... web apps :-)


Turbo Pascal was great. Didn't have the problems C had (pointers). And eventually took me to Delphi. Great.

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