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re: Fair enough. I'm very surprised to hear one of the "hardcore" distributions going that well. Everyone else saying they haven't had much problems is...

Arch is pretty much a kernel and a package manger at it's core (at a high level overview), so you're basically building a custom system.
Not to mention that the Arch documentation is VERY extensive.

I think some more "mainstream" distro's have those problems because they're designed to work for everyone, while an Arch is build by you, for you.

I'm personally using Manjaro (Arch based, but preconfigured and custom repositories etc) and while I generally have few problems, last week one of my headsets just stopped appearing in the audio log, so that's to be fixed for me

I used Windows for 10+ years. When I had a problem in the register, it has to be fixed by me. Little difference for me here between any OS.

That's very true for Arch. I've build my custom system, and I even wrote scripts to just install everything I need. It's here if somebody's curious: github.com/Phantas0s/ArchInstall

Instead of having to curl the script in, you could use mkarchiso to build the ISO which includes your scripts and runs them on boot.

That's true, but I don't think one solution is better than the other (or faster)

Simply more convenient ;)

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