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re: Hi... I'm not sure that I told something special about Go generics proposal... Actually I agree with Rob that usefulness of generics is overestimat...

C++ is just a bad implementation of Generics in my opinion. Everyone uses it as an example of a mistake. So I'll fully agree with you on that front.

Also, I agree with Rob too. There really aren't many problems that Generics solve, but there are a few things that they solve that are extremely useful. The nice thing about Go's implementation is it's not meant to be some big complicated system. But yes - we'll see how they turn out.

To be honest I cannot agree that generics in C++ is a bad implementation. I suppose it's just a real price you should pay for this "real generics". Sure, you can move the implementation from STDLIB/STL to under hood of compilator, but it changes nothing. In the same way you can never look at the implementation of STL and consider them as well-done. Most C++ programmers does it in this way.

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