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Discussion on: How I Reduced Load Time by 25% on Squarespace and Why I Couldn't Get More

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deathshadow60 • Edited

My primary web dev work of the past ten years -- basically half the time I've been doing it, and a quarter of the time I've spent my life programming -- has been accessibility consulting to banks, public utilities, government agencies, and health care facilities who are in court facing either federal fines, or civil litigation over WCAG failings. See laws like the US ADA, or the UK's EQA and DDA, or the dozens of other laws that certain types of sites are automatically required to adhere to, and now thanks to civil lawsuits it's open season on any business. (See the Supreme Court refusing to hear / overturn the Domino's finding)

... and not ONE of these train wrecks of developer ineptitude can produce a compliant website. Nor can they produce a fast website! Or one that indexes on search well...

But client after client comes up with lame excuses to claim "but millions of people use these systems" or even dumber claims of "it was easier" or "better for collaboration". Unfounded bald-face LIES that are more propaganda at best. They'll blame everyone and everything except the choice of tools, when more often than not it's EXACTLY these derpy tools that got them in trouble in the first place!

And to be brutally frank?

JUST like brain damaged front-end frameworks such as bootcrap, it is painfully and agonizingly apparent if you know the first blasted thing about HTML or CSS, the people who CREATED these systems aren't qualified to write a single line of either! They do not know enough about semantic markup, separation of concerns, accessibility, usability, or even just the most basic reasons HTML even exists to have ANY business building systems for people who know even less than themselves to use.

Don't believe me? Just view-source.

If you know even the most rudimentary aspects of web development, accessibility, and good practices looking at the HTML source of what something like bootcrap, or w3.css, WYSIWYG's, or any of these idiotic "Site builders" have the unmitigated GALL to call a website, you should be so horrified as to warn anyone and everyone away from it.

If you're not disgusted by what you see, you don't know anywhere near as much about HTML or CSS as you think!

They are a scam that prey upon ignorance. Nothing more, nothing less. Not a single claim made about them is based in fact, and they only provide the ILLUSION of simplicity. Even the best of them spit out results that will bite the site owner sooner or later.

Visual design tools and front end frameworks are the top two ways to screw over a business with the 3i of web development; Ignorance, Incompetence, and Ineptitude.

I've NEVER seen a site built with any of this mentally enfeebled trash that was worth a flying purple fish, and didn't need to be thrown in the garbage and started over from scratch to fix deep rooted issues and drag it kicking and screaming into the light.

But just like other scams such as Amway or Mary Kay, good luck convincing people brainwashed by the propaganda of that, given a confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance deeply rooted in apathy, ignorance, and wishful thinking. Hence why dealing with the fans of this rubbish is more akin to dealing with cultists than sane and rational engineers.