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Discussion on: Page scroll progress bars

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To all those saying the native scroll bar serves the purpose - I will offer a few scenarios where this approach might be better :

  1. In general, your gaze is likely to be on the content of the page, not to the right of the screen where vertical scrollbars are. Having a scrollbar near the content makes it easier for the user to catch it with their peripheral vision. And the scroll bar isn't a "progress bar" as such - as in, it's not a progress meter displaying the progress percent, it's a moving box, so the visual representations are different to start with.

  2. Remember, because this meter is coded using CSS and JavaScript, you have complete freedom over how much of the page you actually consider to be relevant content. For example, on this particular article, with 18 comments, the comment section takes up more than half the vertical space. What if I was interested in knowing where the end of the post is (so that I can just jump to the sandbox and copy the code because otherwise my boss will fire me in a day), rather than how much the entire height of the document is? The native scroll bar will only show its location relative to the size of the whole document. Using a progress indicator like this could then alleviate that problem.

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