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I love your post Ali, thank you! I really appreciated hearing about you not being afraid to retweet your post. I've feared so much that I'm going to annoy people if I repost. But really, you're right, if one person get help, then it's totally worth it.

Also the part of the haters/trolls. That is really hard. On here I had a post blow up big, then I was told it make hacker news and reddit too... well I was not prepared to go from the kind feedback on here to the rude and mean comments on the other platforms. I'll be using your "list of favorite comments" advice.

I am curious, what do you get for an average view on your post, do you find that matters?

Do you try and space our post or just post as you feel it.

Do you see your personal post (ones where you speak about something that has to do with you personally) or you tech post getting more traffic?



Agreed, it's so tough to get used to the negativity, there are usually so many "silent upvoters" that will upvote your content but won't leave a positive comment, and factoring them in is important!

I am all over the place, if I don't get on HN/Reddit usually around 15k-ish, but if they do well there I've gotten around the 70k mark, though when I was doing crazy high numbers, I usually was posting here, my own blog, and Medium so those numbers are all of those combined!

My tech posts definitely get a lot more traffic than anything personal, but I still like writing the personal ones!

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