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Discussion on: What is a Friend? The Real Life Versus Online Friends Debate

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I love this. It’s funny how much I can relate. When I was younger I had so many friends that I could keep up. Real physical friends who truly cared and did things to show it. Now, I rarely hear from anyone. Yet, two of the people who take the time the most to message me and see how I’m doing, are friends from online. My “real friends” simply hit the like button on my bday or reply “happy bday” with no real effort. So don’t let your mom judge you, it’s a new age.

I have learned one thing though, it is important that you do try to be social outside the walls of the internet. It’s much harder but it’s important to communicate with humans even if it’s just being nice to your waitress or the cashier. Tech talks and meetups help me stay some what social.