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From an inexperienced perspective...

full-time open source software developer/advocate

This seems to be a part of the problem.

If I had your level of experience in coding things, I would be coding for me. If you're critical of your own work, the things you say to yourself inside your own mind are probably worse than "bullies" in a PR. I don't use ""s to diminish how you feel, however, I do think that full time OSS sounds like giving a lot of your blood, sweat and tears for free.

This isn't a problem if you aren't financially struggling.

Where I see the problem is if you do place a lot of pride in your work. It becomes harder to take poor criticism (because criticism can certainly be done poorly) as anything other than an affront/insult of some kind.

In that way, "bullies" become self inflicted.

Sure, these people might have exciting projects, and you want to help, and all that is great for OSS in general. I wouldn't be able to do much in the programming space if not for people like you who've contributed countless hours to making software that scrubs like me can use.


Who programs for Ahmad Awais?

Certainly none of those people.

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