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re: I thought, could it be that this trend is a proxy-block against diversity quotas? I think perhaps only unintentionally it could be. Most companies...

I think perhaps only unintentionally it could be.

Unintentionally, sure.

My aim with that probe was to point at the plausible deniability it gives a group of people. Hiring filters out on all kinds of categories and always has. If young people are all up in identity politics (the source of all this bs), then it follows that they, making up the majority of juniors (grads, soon to be or recently) are also excluded by something innocuous.

Two birds, one stone.

I think it mainly comes from companies just wanting to get top talent.

I think, when top talent clashes with company culture, top talent will lose. Otherwise, top talent would be running all the companies, and I think that's a stretch.

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