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re: Code Blue — A carefully concocted dark theme for VS Code VIEW POST


It’s a custom monospace font I made myself, will publish it in a couple of weeks. :)


Ah, I've given it some serious thought in the past, and in fact did try it out for a bit— but have decided against it...I think that while code ligatures are nice to look at, but they are little more than eye candy... It takes a split second for the eye to see the combined forms and mentally break them down into their component glyphs, not something I'd advocate. I'm firmly planted in the syntax purity camp, at least for now. :)


Looks very nice! I guess it only supports Latin? What about line space? Is this how you configured it in VSCode or it's just the font itself?

Thank you! And, yes, right now only Latin. And if you mean line-height, i have—

"editor.fontSize" : 11,
"editor.lineHeight" : 21

as my preferences. Makes it quite roomy and legible.

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