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I finally got my PS5!!!


The Unbearable Whiteness of Coding

Been on for a while but I missed this. 6 months later ...

100 Days of React

Yea man!πŸ—½

100 Days of React

Good luck!

Bullseye! 4 ways to center that damn div with CSS

Beware half-pixels in using X/Y align method. Chrome still re...

An one-minute fix to make your React site just a bit more Google-friendly 🀝

You had me at "ain't nobody got time for that" 🀣 Great post.

Who is hiring? (April 2018)

Hi Amelia, applied to the frontend role two weeks ago. Is ...

Are you a "fast learner"?

Thanks! I guess I'm impatient as well lol πŸ€”

Are you a "fast learner"?

I'm extremely slow because I always feel the need understand ...

When did you stop thinking of yourself as a junior/newbie?

Currently rethinking this self-designation.

Blogging My Programming Challenges

This is what makes it so frustrating. Forget experience and...

What's your web browser of choice?

Chrome first. Firefox as backup, especially when Chrome is ...

My Linux Development Environment of 2018

Dope! Very useful πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

If you could go back 10 years, what would you say to yourself?

"Don't bother with construction management, open your eyes,...

How long does your CI take?

Noob here. Does CI mean 'continuous integration'?

A Love Poem for my IDE

lmao, hilarious.

Three Stages of My Relationship with React

Hi Nick, Thanks for the info. I'll most likely go back to c...

Three Stages of My Relationship with React

Oh yeah, definitely. I'm still a beginner, so there's still...

Three Stages of My Relationship with React

Thanks! Good luck to you also. How is that going? I'm just ...

Introducing React Paginating πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Nice! Where was this post two weeks ago. I literally just n...

5 Blog Ideas about Javascript

Can't wait to read!

Project Suggestions

Nick, Thank you! Gonna follow your lead

Project Suggestions

Thanks man! I'm gonna go for it

Project Suggestions

I guess the popularity of these projects overwhelms me. But...

Choosing the right programming language. As well as a career!

I'm focusing on javascript and react now. But I remember do...

What I have learnt from interviewing for software engineering positions.

Yes. the 'cultural fit' assessment is what I'm afraid of th...

Project Suggestions

This looks good. Thanks!

My Visual Studio Code Setup

That Reactjs code snippets extension is dope!! I could have...

A Parade of Text Editors

Been using VS code for a few weeks now and I love it! The e...

Welcome Thread - v5

ayyye. welcome, i feel the same way.

Welcome Thread - v5

What's up everybody. I'm Dell. I'm an aspiring front-end e...