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Discussion on: V Programming Language

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Swastik Baranwal Author

V version 0.1.21 got released yesterday!


  • none keyword for optionals.
  • Solaris support.
  • All table lookup functions now use none.
  • varargs: fn foo(bar int, params ...string) {
  • Double quotes (") can now also be used to denote strings.
  • GitHub Actions CI in addition to Travis.
  • compress option. The V binary built with -compress is only ~90 KB!
  • More memory management.
  • Unused modules result in an error. "Unused variable/module" errors are now warnings in non-production builds.
  • Duplicate methods with the same name can no longer be defined.
  • Struct names must be capitalized, variable/function names must use snake_case.
  • Error messages are now even nicer!
  • Lots of fixes in automatic .str() method generation for structs and arrays.
  • ~30% faster parser (files are no longer parsed separately for each pass).
  • _is no longer a variable, but an actual syntax construct to skip unused values, like in Go.
  • Multiple returns fn foo() (int, string) {.
  • ! can now only be used with booleans.

For changes in more depth see here.