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What are your thoughts about cross-platform .NET? How hard is it to develop the same service in .Net Core vs .Net?


Cross platform .NET is the future of .NET. It makes an incredible amount of business sense from a hosting costs perspective, and the performance and maintainability gains of moving from .NET Framework to .NET Core are real. Plus, as I said, it's the future of the framework with .NET 5 coming out in Fall of 2021.

That said, there are some obstacles to getting there. My main obstacles at the moment at work are a reliance on things like the Windows Event Log and OLEDB for data access using technologies such as Microsoft Access (ew).

I'm a huge fan of .NET Core and believe Microsoft is going in the right direction. I strongly recommend moving to .NET Core - even on Windows only at first using the framework platform extensions. You've got some time, to be sure, but with these things it's good to get an early start, especially if you can take advantage of hosting cost improvements.

As far as difficulty in developing a new service in .NET Core, I find it's easier overall since the framework is slimmed down and simplified. The biggest difference is going to be in the web.config to the app settings JSON and the concept of the middleware pipeline, but these things aren't too hard to learn.

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