Root Me: ELF-CrackPass with NSA's Ghidra

Denis Nuțiu on March 09, 2019

Hello! I’ve been playing recently a bit with Ghidra, which is a reverse engineering tool that was recently open sourced by the NSA. The official w... [Read Full]
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Excellent, thanks for the article. I also experiment with Ghidra since its release, and I completely agree with the points in your article.


Can you compare your experience with exp. with IDA Pro (if you have IDA Pro licence)? Maybe in another article, hm? :)


I don't have experience with Ida Pro :/ I did use IDA Free, Binary Ninja and Hopper but only a few times and only for crackmes

I do not have experience with Pro version's too expensive.


your import is the problem, you need to import as RAW format (in ghidra) and set the format later. look at the github issue for more details

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