πŸ˜” I can't learn.

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So for the past week, I haven't done anything productive related to code. I moved to linux, that's it. I'm being lazy around code.I want to write it, but I can't write it. After a few lines the I stop, like it's boring. I don't know if it's the React I'm learning too or what? What should I do, I've wasted enough time already.


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That really depends on how experienced you are. If you are someone who is experienced and burned out recently, its solution is quite different than the one I'd give for a junior who is just starting and/or someone who isn't a professional dev, one that hasn't received his/hers first paycheck as a developer.

Overall, if you don't have any reason to rush, don't rush it. If you are a junior for that matter, it would be hard to find a motivation that's as effective as money and/or teamwork that comes with it.

Find your motivation first and tell the truth. Most importantly, to yourself. Search what's missing first. Rather than focusing on the things you haven't done, focus on the reasons and small things you could do other than the next big thing you are planning.

That's all I can say I guess. Best of luck.


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.


codingame.com/ can help you have fun learning: The purpose of games can be achieved through programming. You can practice many languages and types of tasks in it. My favorite is Clash of Code, where you have to solve the task more skillfully than others + you can also see the solutions of others after the game (if they shared it).


Maybe at this moment you're not motivated or maybe you are in the difficult part of React but I recommend you to give yourself some free time, do something that makes you happy and then come back to code,If when you return you still don't feel motivated, then ask yourself if that's what you really want to do in life.
Don't give up! ;)


Totaly right with you, give some free time for you ! Forget the code, forget your computer and do other things like bike, sport, shopping. Free your mind to be better !


Try to refresh your goal.
Think what you want to achieve in life.
Do what you have to do to achieve it.

For example:
You love playing games, you want to create one.
Then start learning how to create a game.
Create your own game.
Share it to the world, get revenue from your game.

Enjoy life!


Maybe we are similar - I wanted to love programming, I just never did. And because I didn't love it, I didn't commit to learning it. I couldn't force myself to finish entire courses that other people raved about. I'd love to say I stuck with it and now I'm some amazing Software Engineer, but that didn't happen. What I did discover though was that I love sysadmin and Linux, and learning about performance, and security! Last year I spent three days doing detailed perf workload reproductions to prove AWS NVMes don't perform as well as advertised and it was actually thrilling. Seriously!

The field of computer technology is super broad - it's possible you haven't found the right place for you yet. Keep looking, keep reading, and when something truly interests you, follow that thread!


It definitely depends on what ur doing. Obviously, coding, just like anything that takes practice is not all fun and games.

A championship sports team spends most of their time in 'boring' and grueling practices and weight room routines, etc. and only a few minutes enjoying 'championship.'

So, with coding, sometimes the wins feel few and far in between, but they are usually worth it if you push through the struggle.

So, there are a myriad of reasons why you might be 'being lazy.' However, 'burnout' is usually the result of too much 'forced coding' as opposed to just coding something that we actually want to code - based on a hobby, or interest or something.


Hey, It's not bad to take things slow sometime. You may be burned out, you can be just tired or similar. Take a day or two not trying to do anything. I don't mean sitting there asking yourself and forcing yourself to do something productive. Just stay there, wait a day or two and if you are into coding you will find that after that days you will be in the mood of going back into learning.

This is not something that may work for everyone, but I happened to me in the past and I learned that when that happens, it's just better to take a break and you will get the crave for learning back in no time.


I guess I'm taking a break. Thank You.


Eh! It's just general malaise. You'll be fine. Congrats on the move, it'll help you be very productive soon!

I recommend a really good in depth instructor led course and set small daily/weekly goals for yourself. Like finish one lesson a day (they're usually 10-15 minutes each).


Those who say they can't and can are usually both right. Take a breather if you feel flustered it is normal in the beginning. Think about why you want to learn programming. Learn the basics of JS, then React. Pick a problem you want to solve in React and see how you do. Or do a follow along tutorial until you feel confident and comfortable enough. Best of luck!


1)Find what you really want to do with coding. Maybe you want to create an specific web app. Maybe you want to study to find a new work in your dreamed company.

2)Make an overview plan, do your research, investigate which things you need to do in order to reach your goal, maybe you can enroll in specific courses, maybe you can define a stack of technologies needed to create a product and then create a plan on which things you need learn and from where you are going to get this information.

3)Make a calendar for the plan. Create milestones, if you wanted to learned React and you give 2 months to it. Define a daily number of hours to learn about react.

4)Don't focus into the product focus in the process. I am a master procrastinator and the few amazing things that I have created was created with this methodology.

5)Just trust in the process, work your hours every single day without wondering if what you are doing is wrong stick to the plan. And if you ever have crisis about believing that what you are doing is wrong remember your reasons from step 1) remember why you are doing all this.

There is a lot of stuff written about this but this situation is related to habits. This is not your problem everyone has this problem, the real problem is how we deal with these situations.The way that our brain works is that motivation just function for few days. After that we lose that motivation in that cases you need to create a habit.

This year I learned a lot about Learning and productivity and I am more happy than ever. Hopefully, you can give yourself a chance to improve.

I will recommend you these resources to improve your productivity:
youtube.com/watch?v=V2PP3p4_4R8 This is the basic idea.
coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to... This is a complete free course about how to learn but along that you will learn a lot about productivity.


I really appreciate it.


Without saying any negative emphasis, if you find it boring, you might not have to deal with programming. If I understand correctly, you have decided that you want to deal with computers, but programming does not entertain you. Look at what other areas there are and you might find your place there that you don’t even expect. Some keywords to look for: devops, testing, write documentation, ux/ui (design).


Hey man,

Sometimes I also get that kind of days where I think that I'm not productive for quite some time.

There are a lot of reason behind this:

  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Lack of interest
  • etc.

But here's what I usually do:

  • I take a break, either I just sleep or play games to help my mind release some stress
  • When I learn new things, I read tutorials 1 chapter at a time. Don't stress your mind to learn as quick as it can. Unfortunately not all of us has the same IQ with geniuses but it does not mean we could not make it.
  • I learn to say "No" if there are things that I could not deliver.
  • I do quick meditation at least 10 minutes per day. Disconnect your mind from worries and regrets, just be in the present and focus what you can do as of the moment. Understand your thoughts and accept your limitations.
  • I Accept failures and learn from them. The only way to succeed is to learn from your mistakes.
  • I pursue hobbies (eg: Hiking, Photography, etc.). It helps you expand your interest, who knows you might ought to do other great things aside from programming? only you can tell.

Struggling sometimes is a good thing, it's an indicator that your are learning. Have the "No pain, No gain" attitude.

As always, don't give up. You just didn't find yet the thing you really wanted to do, it take some time to explore and experiment until you find your true passion. Don't let your worries take over your thoughts, build up your confidence and believe in yourself you can always find a way.

I hope you'll find your true calling one day.

Best of luck.


Thank you. I'll also start meditating.


Dude that is what I am going through right now. I know I have lots of projects to work on but every time I open text editor, I lose interest.


Your burned out it sounds like. Give yourself some time to do something completely different.


just find an excuse to win


Repeat, repeat what you know ... and try what to have to learn first to read and understand.
Understanding and not skiping a step and repetition is mother here.
Good luck.


I am in the same boat as you! I am a deaf guy, I have been trying to learn how to do code. everything seems overwhelming to me.


Oh sorry. I guess we should take time in learning.