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What are the new technology you want to know before the year ends?

dephraiim profile image Ephraim Atta-Duncan ・1 min read

As developers, one thing is very clear. Software is growing including the wide range of technologies. I want to learn TypeScript, Go and Rust by the end of 2021. What software technologies do you want to learn before the year ends and what do you want to learn before next year ends?


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I'm planning to make a start at learning C lang, but I definitely won't have it mastered by the end of the year, possibly not even next year. However, when I feel like I have a good understanding of C, I'll go ahead and burn my poor brain with Assembly.


C programming is actually the easiest to learn - there is very little in terms of syntax. We have data types, functions, pointers, and structs. We don't have any language complexities and syntactic-sugar such as virtual inheritance, indexers, delegates, annotations, and complex frameworks. With the Corona, you will most definitely have mastered C programming by the end of the year :-)


C programming is actually the easiest to learn

Compared to Assembly, definitely. However, while there is little syntax in C, there is a lot that can go wrong and there is no safetynet to catch you when you fall. The syntax is like the tip of the C iceberg.

And with that in mind, even with Corona (which surprising doesn't give me a whole lot of extra time xD), I still believe that actually mastering C programming will take well over 6 months.


C programming is actually the easiest to learn

It wasn't easy for me, So I switched back to Python, then JavaScript and now I'm going back to the statically typed languages again. TypeScript, Rust and Go. The closest I'll get to C will be Rust.


Assembly...Wow 👏👏


If there is only one technology I can choose, definitely is Rust. The reason is Rust is fast, safe, and can be used in everything from system programming to WebAssembly. But the issue is it's very difficult to learn. You have to read the document line by line then start to code. Otherwise it even can't be compiled, not like Python or PHP.


I'm not going to disagree that Rust is difficult, just make a transition from TypeScript to Rust, it will be a little simpler, especially if you have not used any statically typed language. I'm not good, but I'm still learning.


For me, it would be TypeScript, Go, Docker and Kubernetes as DevOps.


I think DevOps for me would wait.


I want to mainly focus languages first.


Currently learning Rails, hope to add React and Flask before the year ends


I've finally gotten a chance to get into GraphQL with Prisma and I love it! 💛




Whatever enables me to reduce vendor lock-in with serverless technologies, namely FaaS and DBaaS (while still using those vendors, just more interchangeably).


Probably explore JS and Vue properly, and get more experience in Flask and testing as well.


I'll add testing to my list.


I started learning Vue.js just a few weeks ago. Absolutely love it so far!


Vue is very good and Neat. I think I will learn it before the year ends.