re: How many computer devices do you own? VIEW POST

  • Macbook Pro 2010 (experiments, privacy)

Daily, especially when researching things

  • MacMini 2012 (personal server, Plex, etc)

Daily, serves personal files and movies etc

  • USB Armory 2016 (Kali linux)

At least once a month to try a new tool

  • Macbook Pro 2016 (Personal)

Once a week for banking, bills, finances

  • Macbook Pro 2017 (Work)

Everyday, all day to get that pay

  • ipad Pro 2016 (YouTube, books)

Daily, YouTube and reading for relaxation

  • Nexus 6 (Kali Nethunter, travel phone)

~Twice a year, when traveling to sketchy places

  • iphoneX (primary)

Daily driver

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