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Data Preparation using Rapid miner

Context and Perspective

Jerry is the marketing manager for a small internet design and advertising firm. Jerry's boss asks him to develop a dataset containing information about internet users. The company will use this data to determine what kinds of people are using the internet and how the firm may be able to market their services to this group of users.

Jerry has collected enough data to begin analysis, but the data needs to be Denormalized.
The data also contains missing values.

Data Scrubbing allows us to handle these anomalies in ways that make sense for us.

  • Upload data to rapid miner

image 1.png

image 2.png

  • Checking data statistics to view missing values

image 3.png

  • Replace missing values

image 4.png

image 5.png

Data mining is most successful when conducted upon a foundation of well-prepared data.

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