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Discussion on: 5 Tips to work on your side project while working full-time.

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Andres Urdaneta • Edited on

Sometimes I feel like everybody at my job sees me like “crazy to go home” when my shift has ended. While they stay 15min passed the schedule without any rush, or even more. I’m the first leaving everyday when the clock hits 5:00pm. But let’s consider this: it takes me 45min to get back home, like an hour at least to do the things you have to do on a daily basis (walk the dog, dinner, etc), and then that leaves me with around 2h-3h of spare time if I get lucky. And by the time I’m ready for coding I really have to push forward because at that point I’m exhausted.

It’s a grind for such daily small progress.

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Yogini Bende Author

We have to sacrifice something if we want to do some great thing!
I know this because when everyone enjoys a weekend we feel its a great time to work! But I guess this small progress and these smaller wins will lead us somewhere. Let's keep doing it.. more and more 🙌