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re: All That You Need to Know About Microsoft's New Programming Language: Bosque VIEW POST


It may sound interesting to explore q new language and if it does improve upon shortcomings of popular concepts then why not. But as you pointed out it is strictly for exploring better programming concepts and research.
To be honest I already have my hands full learning popular languages and their frameworks which are good for a particular niche of work and not so good for other, i wouldn't mind ignoring it all together.
Lastly what are your thoughts on Julia the general purpose language also good enough for computation, tasked with starting a new era of programming by bringing all the goodies from previous languages.


Yeah, a new approach every since in a while in programming has been always the norm. This industry, software, always love new stuff!

I've gone through Julia docs, and I think it's really great; not sure though if what they are promoting: "Julia is fast" is just an implementation detail (to how they implement it in each platform).

It really has an appealing syntax, especially for the parallel computing part:

I hope it won't be like R (focused just on data science stuff).

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