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Discussion on: Jack Of All Trades or Master of One?

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I believe that "Jack of all trades" and "Master of one" are not two separate choices, instead it is a spectrum with the two at extremes. Almost all of us lie somewhere in between the two extremes. You might think that you're a jack of all trades, but in reality there has to be one thing that you can do a bit better that anything else on your skill list. I think I am a master of one, but in reality I have a bit of knowledge about a lot of things outside my mastery.

If you are wondering what location should we choose on the spectrum, the answer depends, I believe, on your career choice. If you want to be a developer or engineer (or any kind of specialist) then you'd be closer to the "master of one". But project managers and architects need to be closer to the jack.

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Katie Adams Author

This is a really fascinating theory - which I'm very inclined to agree with! It's very realistic given how peoples' careers and attitudes to learning can change so drastically. :)