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Hacktober - yay or nay? Plus the latest in DevOps!

We do dev ops already humour

Happy October! Are you celebrating Halloween, Hacktoberfest or perhaps going on your own #hacktober quest?

We rounded up a fresh batch of resources and news in our latest newsletter to help you stay motivated!

But first.... we had a new hoodie winner! Congratulations to a*r*f*5*@*m*i*.*o* from USA. Everyone who opens and reads our newsletter has a chance of winning this snug and cozy dev staple. Sign up and next time it could be you!

Moving on. Check out this project Clip Draw, created by our community member Bharath. It's the first tool he's created for frontend developers to generate clip-paths for complex polygons by drawing and dragging. He welcomes all feedback on this!

This month we'd like to help you figure out what's going on in DevOps. Let's start off with DevOps influencers you can follow:


"DevOps is not a Goal, But a never-ending process of continual improvement" - Jez Humble.

Dev Resources & Articles

DevOps CI/CD usage trends. Has the use of CI/CD tools reached as many developers as it can or are there certain market barriers? [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

Common developer frustrations and how to overcome them. Derek Lee Boire, Senior Member of Technical Staff at VMware Pivotal Labs, addresses common developer frustrations, such as decision fatigue, and the tools and methods to overcome them [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

What is DevOps? A guide to common methods and misconceptions. [GITHUB]

The Definitive Guide to Clean Code. Writing clean code is paramount in creating a successful and maintainable product. What is clean is, of course, subject to every developer's take. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

IBM DevOps Virtual Summit. IBM will explore the benefits of DevSecOps and how to bring value to your organisation in this free event.10am -2pm EST, October 29, 2020. [IBMDEVOPSVIRTUAL]

The state of AR and VR in Asia: Highly developed working practices and a strong pipeline of students. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been on the cusp of widespread adoption for many years now, but technical and commercial hurdles have impeded this process. For VR at least, it seems that 2020 could be the year when the technology goes truly mainstream. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

Best open source tools for developers. In my quest to find some of the best apps for you, I myself discovered some absolutely brilliant tools. The best thing is all the apps below are free and Open Source. [DEVTO]

How to validate pull requests in AWS and make code reviews easier. When a project grows, and developers are pushing code frequently, there is always a chance that working pull requests might break somewhere. [FREECODECAMP]

Our Free Resources

NEW: How close are you to an average developer? Our graphs give you insights into global trends based on the fresh data from our Q2 2020 survey.

Industry News

GitHub Docs are now open source. "To make GitHub Docs the best they can be, we know we need to work in the open, with all of you, so that we can stay better in sync with your feedback, ideas, and collective knowledge. The best way to do that is to work in public. That's why we're open sourcing GitHub Docs, and opening it up to your feedback and contributions." [GITHUB]

Excel spreadsheet blunder blamed after England under-reports 16,000 COVID-19 cases. Test results were automatically fetched in CSV format by PHE from various commercial testing labs, and stored in rows in an older .XLS Excel format that limited the number of rows to 65,536 per spreadsheet, rather than the one-million row limit offered by the modern .XLSX file format. Each test result, according to the BBC, took up several rows, so the real case limit was about 1,400 per sheet, and after that cutoff point, records were simply left off and not counted when imported. Meme. [THE REGISTER]

DigitalOcean App Platform launched for building, deploying and scaling apps. With the App Platform, you can build, deploy, and scale apps and static sites quickly and easily — much as you can with other PaaS solutions — by simply pointing to your GitHub repository. [SDTIMES]

Google Chrome 86 rolls out. Highlights include the File System Access API which is now available in stable, there are new origin trials for Web HID and the Multi-screen Window Placement API. There's some new stuff in CSS, and plenty more. [DEVELOPERS.GOOGLE]

GitHub Code Scanning is out of beta. You can use code scanning to find, triage, and prioritize fixes for existing problems in your code. Code scanning also prevents developers from introducing new problems. You can schedule scans for specific days and times, or trigger scans when a specific event occurs in the repository, such as a push. [INFOQ]

Swift System now open source. Apple's Swift System library for interfacing with system calls and low-level currency types has been made open source, and now supports Linux. [IPROGRAMMER]

Google delays its 30% fee for Android developers in India amid Play Store row. Days after announcing 30% fees for in-app purchases on Google Play from September 2021, Google has given an exception to Indian developers. The company has delayed the charges for the country's app makers until March 2022. The search giant said that after listening to the developer feedback it's giving more time to them to integrate Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for subscription payments in their apps: [THENEXTWEB]

Coronavirus drives surge in support for unionisation, say games industry activists. Unpaid overtime, 100-hour weeks, instant dismissals … the pandemic has brought fresh momentum to the games industry's union drive. [THEGUARDIAN]

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