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Derek on February 09, 2019

I am hoping someone can lend a hand here since I am by no means a C# developer. I tried to post on SO but get massacred off the bat. But that's ano... [Read Full]
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I found the documentation here. It looks to me as if this namespace is actually found in the System.Web.ApplicationServices assembly. Try adding that reference to your project and see if it lights up.


I found some articles online mentioning deleting bin and obj folders. Did just that, did build and it's all mysteriously just working now.
Thanks for the help people!


Yeah, that was going to be my next suggestion. Sometimes the progressive rebuild stuff gets confused and mixes in some old versions of your compiled project that it had cached. Then you get weird errors for code that might not even be there anymore. Deleting bin and obj and then rebuilding are the VS equivalent of "have you tried turning it off and on again?" It happens just infrequently enough to us to not consider it the first thing to do however.


This usually means that the assemblies from the error message are not present in the project's bin folder or they are not referenced in the project.

Make sure you have an using for System.Web.Security;


Thanks Jordan. It is there, you can see it in the image, but it is greyed out so it is not referenced.
Files are in Bin folder as well.


Tried some things. C# frustrates me.
All these have warnings on them. It says to switch the context, I don't know why there is of the same, but when I do, nothing changes.


You need to add the correct using statement to import the class you are implementing. The using statement just says which namespace to use - so on your “MembershipUser” declaration file, copy the namespace name and then in this file at the top say “using yourNamespaceHere”.


I have tried all variations to no avail. I just don't get why it shows two VirtualManagerWAP's with one that has those available and one that doesn't? And when I try to switch them at the top of the code window, nothing changes.

Oh, and the weird thing is, if I build it, no errors, then publish it, it works.


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