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Hello World!

I'm Nitya (@nitya ) from New York and I'm currently setting things up for our annual end-of-year developer conference, DevFestNYC. This is a by-community, for-community event and is currently in its second year. You can see last year's event page here.

This year, we are planning to hold the event on Dec 2-3 at Galvanize NYC, and make it accessible to more people both for learning about new technology from experts in the space, but also to get more hands-on learning for devs through workshops and codelabs.

So what kinds of content do we hope to share on this account? Well, the conference is focused on mobile, web, cloud, machine learning and emerging technologies (e.g, conversational UI/UX, IoT etc) and we hope to share both pre- and post- event content related to these topics, with some focus on speakers who might be there in person.

I am also personally interested in spending more time writing longer posts (vs. 140 char tweets). So I am hoping to also share some of the behind the scenes stories on what it takes to organize and run a developer conference. What works, what doesn't - and why.

It's a work in progress but I love the GDG NYC community and hope that we continue to repay the support of our members by doing more things to help them reach their personal and professional goals in tech. Have questions or comments, or want to get involved? Just say hello!


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