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We're using enterprise git and travisCI at my work and it's been great to use. I prefer build configs in the project, travis does that very well and the flexibility it offers us in how we approach our pipelines has been awesome.

edit: props to TravisCI support, we've had a few late nights do to different issues and they are responsive and very much engaged with their customers.


  • we are building in one of their supported languages
  • we are building a docker image
  • we are building a docker image in their docker image
  • we deploy to code deploy
  • we deploy to S3
  • we deploy to ECS (not supported, wrote own script)

Hopefully I can free up some time this year to explore some other ones; gitlab is awesome but until they fix their performance issues (idk, maybe they did it's been a few years) it's a huge no go for me.

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