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A Talk With...Andreas Müller(devmount)

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In our second article we interview Andreas Müller, a freelance Web developer, creator and consultant based in Berlin
We talk about Lego Men, the great things about Vue.JS and plenty more, let's get right into it!

@jcowie Hey There Andreas!

@devmount Hey!

@jcowie Ok, I have to get this one thing off my mind before any other questions. Why the lego man?

@devmount I don't like to show my real face everywhere (I only do so on platforms where I think it's more convenient), so I decided to show a more creative version of me. Lego is awesome to build anything you can imagine - and that's exactly what I do in my job and my freetime.

@jcowie Ah, Ok. So is that lego man available to buy?

@devmount The Lego figure itself is a real photo but the face is Photoshop, so you won't find an exact replica of it.

@jcowie Lego is great, can't remember the last time I used it though. Anyway, next question, How did you discover DEV and why have you stuck around?

@devmount It was in 2017 that I saw somebody sharing an interesting DEV article on Twitter. So I headed over to dev.to and found an awesome source of interesting developer topics. After I signed up, I got the "Top 7 posts" email every week and there was almost always a useful article grabbing my attention. Today I'm still amazed how welcoming this community is, especially for beginners. 4 months ago I decided to give some love back and started to write one article per week. I am overwhelmed by all your reactions, follows and positive feedback! I recently wrote my first #AMA article to encourage DEV people, as I got encouraged by DEV myself.

@jcowie Nice, that's the great thing about DEV, their is always people joining and wanting to give back to the community, everyone is nice here and it's generally just a great place to be.

@devmount Yes, exactly.

@jcowie What is it about Vue.JS that you love?

@devmount Well, I was one of those web developers, whose project structure usually contained 3 files: index.html, app.css and app.js. I did this way too long, since I came to a point, where I told myself: dude, you should really start to modularize your code! It was the exact time, when VueJS 2.0 was released and after a look into their awesome documentation, I learned that it was actually very simple to build something with Vue CLI. Some reasons why I still stick to VueJS today are:

  • It's incredibly simple to import components or build your own
  • It's still easy to use and perform
  • It's well documented

@jcowie I'm still "One of those Developers" very lazy when it comes to project structure and efficiency.

@devmount Try it out, I'm sure you'll find it useful

@jcowie Indeed I will, going further back than learning Vue.JS, How did you get into Programming/Web Developing

@devmount Actually I learned programming because my father gave me his old Acer Travelmate 220 laptop when I was a teenager. I started creating some HTML pages, discovered CSS and was amazed how code could create visuals! I taught myself Javascript when I was asked to create websites for different projects. And that's how things went...

@jcowie Sounds great, though I wasn't even born when the Acer Travelmate 220 came out, haha, so what do you do when you are not working or on DEV?

@devmount I like to play the Guitar, I love to play Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) on my electric and I see fire (Ed Sheeran) on my acoustic guitar. I don't commit myself to any particular genre though.

@jcowie Nice, finally. Do you have any last wise words of wisdom?

@devmount I wouldn't consider myself a wise person, but if I learned one thing, than that you never learned everything! I shared some of my experience in the #AMA article mentioned above about freelancing, balancing work and family, home office, being a programmer with kids etc.

@jcowie Agreed, you can never know everything, but with this industry rapidly moving there is always something new to learn.

@devmount Exactly.

@jcowie Right, thanks for being on here Andreas, it's been a pleasure to get to know a bit more about the man behind the lego face! But even more of a pleasure to have you on DEV, sharing with us your knowledge and opening up discussions for us.

@devmount Thanks for having me and thanks for doing this.

@jcowie No worries, see you later!

@devmount Bye!

What a great Interview that was, many questions were cleared up and we got to learn a bunch of stuff as well.

Definitely go check @devmount out, follow him on DEV to see more of his content and also check out his website, it looks pretty slick https://devmount.de/

Thank you for reading this article, please send us some feedback on our format and feel free to get in touch about anything by clicking the email: interviews.dev@gmail.com

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